The Cosmic Connections

Through the Kryon Cosmic Connection, we are continuing to add to our mailing list so that the Kryon Family can be advised by regular mail of events in their vicinity. It is our way of assisting the family to keep in touch with each other throughout the USA and Canada (sorry, we don't mail outside those areas as yet). As the Kryon Family connects, a new consciousness is born. Instead of feeling alone in their work and beliefs, these light workers have now found others in our wonderful family.

To know of up-coming Kryon Seminars, at any time, you can check the seminar schedule. In addition to that, if you would like to be advised of Kryon gatherings in your area of the USA or Canada by regular mail, fill in the form provided by clicking on the button below. We'll add your name to the Cosmic Connecton Kryon mailing data base. Names are not sold or used for any other purpose other than Kryon related seminars and workshops.

To add your name to the Cosmic Connection data base

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