About Lee Carroll

Turn on the television set in any state of the United States, no matter what channel, and within three hours of viewing you are guaranteed to hear something that has come out of Lee's recording studio, his 24-year-old creation, located in Rancho Bernardo, California.

After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University in California, Lee started San Diego's first recording studio and quickly attracted national commercial work. Twenty four years later Lee finds himself with 39 Clio nominations (three first place statues), and numerous other distinctions including a studio Grammy nomination and client honors for work his studio did for Walt Disney World in Florida.

Where does Kryon fit into all this? As Lee tells it, Spirit had to hit him "between the eyes" to prove the Kryon experience was real. But 1986 was the turning point when the first psychic told him about Kryon, and then three years later when the second unrelated psychic told him the same thing (spelling the name KRYON in session)! The writing actually began in 1988, and Kryon's support group arrived in 1989 (according to later channelings). Timidly the first Kryon writings were presented to the Metaphysical community in Del Mar, and the rest is history with a total of six metaphysical books being released in a four-year span. Louise Hay became interested in the work in 1996, and two of the six Kryon releases have been published by Hay House. There are now over a quarter-million books in print in seven languages worldwide. Each of the channeled Kryon book releases has made it to the top selling list of the major New Age distributors in the United States. Some have stayed there for more than a year.

Lee and his partner, Jan started the Kryon light groups in Del Mar in 1991, and they quickly moved from a living room setting to a Del Mar church. Now they are hosting meetings all over the globe with audiences up to 1,000 people. Kryon has the largest consistent New Age folder in the history of America On Line, and attracts many more electronic browsers on his dual web sites: (www.kryon.com) and (www.kryon.org). The Kryon web sites in other languages can also be accessed from these English sites. The national Kryon Quarterly Magazine was started in 1995. This New Age full-color 32-page periodical, without any advertising, now has over 3,500 subscribers in over 12 countries.

In 1995 Lee was asked to present Kryon at the United Nations before a UN chartered group known as the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.). The meeting was so well accepted that Kryon was brought back for a second visit in 1996. An unprecedented third invitation brought Kryon again to the UN at the end of 1998.

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