Posted by Anabel on June 27, 1998 at 19:22:28:

Hi, dear friends,

I am new on this board and don't have a computer but
my friend Dinah will lend me her E.mail.

I have asked for the neutral implant and I "think" I
have it in reason of the things that have happened to
me, but even today, after 7 months I still have not
seen the manifestation of the things I have co-created.
Thank you,
I'm glad to communicate with you. Anabel




Co-creation is a tricky business. Remember the wishes the
genie granted the person who let him out of the bottle (or
any magickal being granting wishes). You have to be very
clear about what you want.

Without some specifics I can't offer any specific comments
on the problems co-creating.

Also, why do you think that the neutral implant did not
take? What is your understanding of the neutral implant?

So many time we get what we expect which is very different
from what we think we want. And it has been my experience
we always get what we expect.

Looking forward to hearing more ..



fIRST i think your friend Dinah has a very sensitive and caring soul.I am new here too and I certainly enjoy Dinah's posts . Dinah
your keep going and you have a great sense of humor. Now about the netural implant and not seeing results when I first asked for
the implant I saw no results or so I thought until I realized I was creating my own uncertainty because I didn't know what to
expect, so that's what I got back the expectations I was living with [waiting for something to happen] .Luckily my daughter said
one day Istopped waiting for my friend Charlie because all I do is wait now Iam doing what I planned and mom he's always
there.[A light when on in my mind ] now I let spirit [my higher self] know what I am going to do and so far he/she is always there
with me. I don't know if this is the best approach [ or even if it's the neutral implant co-creating] but it has made my reality much
more pleasant. At least this is one perspective on the implant. I am sure you will hear many more



Welcome Anabel

I have found that co-creation and manifestation is one of the trickiest things in my life. The first thing you have to do is learn to be
honest with yourself - often brutally (sp?) so. Many times what we ask for are not the things we really believe we deserve and
therefore we will not get them. One of the truest statements I ever read was - "If you want to know what your true beliefs are,
look at what you have in your life."

As for the implant - it's not so much a case of "seeing is believing" as much as "believing is seeing."



Queridas Anabel y Dinah:
El trabajo que habremos de desempañar por el despertar de nuestra querida parte del planeta conocida como America, es grande
y requiere de entrega a este propósito. Tenemos todos la oportunidad de servir; de nuestro libre albedrío depende el aceptar. El
compromiso que se nos ofrece al adquirir el gran honor de ser Guerreros de la Luz, consiste en vigilar nuestros pensamientos,
difundir la buena nueva, combatir la negatividad que pretende atarnos a la no-ascensión, meditar dos o tres veces al día, orar,
bendecir al mundo, ciudar la tierra, aprender a curar con imposición de manos, el manejo de los rayos (en especial el azul, el rosa y
el violeta), y mantener contacto con los maestros ascendidos.
Llevamos una vida normal, pero en la medida que nuestro libre albedrío así lo determine, evitamos comer carne, alcohol y tabaco;
comemos cada vez más fruta fresca y verduras, bebemos agua energetizada, bendecimos el agua que se reincorpora a la tierra, y
nos comprometemos a un trabajo con nuestra comunidad, en la actividad que mejor se adapte a nuestra preparación y vocación.
No obtendremos el implante neutral. La disolución de nuestro Karma se dará mediante la entrega amorosa a los demás y la
purificación de nuestro planeta.
En el momento que recibí la bendición como guerrero de la luz, me fué revelado mi contrato. Conocí mis antecedentes (de mi ser
superior, claro). Hoy los milagros suceden y sólo tengo que pedir. La co-creación se está dando poquito a poco.
Si tú lo deseas, puedes pedir que tus guías te lleven a esta noble labor.
Sean bendecidas, porque el que busca, encuentra.

Reciban Luz y Amor, desde el centro de Me-shi-co,

-----------------  Translation  ---------------------------

Dear Anabel and Dinah:
The work that has to be done in order to wake our beloved part of the planet known as America, is great and requires of a
profound commitment to this intention. We have all the opportunity to serve; accepting the task depends on our free will. The
commitment assumed when acquiring the great honor of being Warriors of the Light, consists of watching our thoughts, spreading
the good news (the imminent ascension), to fight the dark and negative side that tries to tie us to the non-ascended, to meditate
two or three times every day, to pray, to bless the world, to watch and heal the Earth, to learn to cure with imposition of hands
(Reiki, etc.), the handling and concious working with rays (specially the blue, the rose and the violet), and to maintain contact with
the ascended masters teachers.
We carry a normal life, but in the way our free will allows, , we avoid eating meat, drinking alcohol and tobacco; we eat more
fresh fruit and vegetables, we drink energized water, we bless the water that goes back to the Earth, and we commit ourselves to
work with our community in the activity that better adapts to our preparation and vocation.
We will not obtain the neutral implant.
The dissolution of our Karma will occur by means of the loving work in order to help others and the purification of our planet.
When I received the blessing as a warrior of the light, my contract was revealed. I knew my antecedents (of my superior higher
self, of course).
Today the miracles happen at my request. The Co-creation is occurring little by little. If you wish it, you can ask your guides to
take you into this noble path.
Be blessed, because the one that looks for, finds.

Receive Light and Love, from the center of Me-shi-Co,


Anabel you'll feel very welcome here....just wait and see....this board is guarded by a very loving man named Gary.....we all come
here with great expetation and are never dissapointed. This means that we have total confidence in Spirit when we use this board.
We sharpen our ability to discerne the nature of certain energies and we share our individual process with one another. About the
IMPLANT....When we ask for it, it is with our whole self that we ask...our heart, our mind, our soul......we speak it out loud to
the Universe...we end this statement of intent with: "AND SO IT IS".....then we let go of it. From that point on we TRUST Spirit
with our request.....If we (realy) trust, we will leave it (to) Spirit.....We won't keep going back to revisit it over and over
again,checking to see if Spirit even got the message or to see if Spirit is realy doing its job though it didn't hear us right
the first time. Do we think the Universe needs a hearing aid? I think this is a mistake we are programed to make don't you? We
are so used to micromanaging our own illusional reality that we want to make sure the Universe is running according to plan....We
play only a small part in that big scenario.....But SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Our request is answered immediatly! How soon we
see the results depends on how worthy we think we are or how ready we really are to receive it.......Isn't that strange?......"I want
it now...oh! but wait, I'm not ready...I'm not worthy....I'm not...I'm not.....don't give it to me all in one dose...please ...I'm so afraid
I'll fail....afraid the change will be to great for my cozy little reality.......So the Universe waits and waits (becase you told It
to....remember).....get the picture? We are so afraid to step into our greatness...afraid of too much joy, too much peace, too much
love. We're so afraid that something will be asked of us in return...that we'll have nothing to give.....something so paltry...who'd
want it. Lets ALL re-read the Kryon books...(in sequence this time) as if you've never read them before.....then lets see
what happens. MY most loving advise to you.....Just stand in your the best job you can at being ANABEL.....knowing
you are loved beyond measure.................Bess


Dear Anabel,
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!

Light and Blessings,
Turtle Running


Welcome to the board Anabel!

I just wanted to drop in two cents here. I actually recieved the neutral implant before, yes, before i asked for it. The timing was
right for me at an earlier time. When I asked for it, it felt I didn't recieve it, but realized later through further Kryon books that I
had already passed that point.

Even my co-creation was a matter of timing. There were things I asked for that I really wasn't ready for. I hadn't convinced my
mind that they were really possible, and so they became additional proof that co-creation doesn't work. I was caught in this loop
where I was proving myself right--proving specifically my doubts right. So I changed my task over to convincing my mind of
TRUTH. I worked on telling myself good things over and over, using the simplest affirmations I could.

They say it takes only one bad comment to undo the benefit of 10 good comments. BUT, it takes almost 50 to one to overcome
bad comments with good ones. So, for me, my first step had to be to retrain my brain to accept the positive.

Well, hope this helps!

Smiles and Nameste with Love,


Hi Anabel,

You have some great responses to absorb, but I want to give my 2 cents also. I just want to remind you about the "Co-" in
co-creation. Kryon says when we co-create, we need to act on it as well. This acting can take place in many forms, i.e. taking
physical action if you know how to obtain what you want, like a job, or simply living fluidly, with Spirit, so Spirit can open the doors
in front of you without your ever breaking stride. They call this living the path of least resistance. So, pay attention to what you
co-create, because you get *exactly* what you ask for. Chose your words carefuly. Think them out before saying them. And
most importantly, don't be attached to the outcome. If you keep yrself attached to the outcome, you may a) limit Spirit's resources
in how they go about creating what you've asked for, & b) completely miss it when it comes because you were expecting
something entirely diferrent. And of course, it helps to believe that you have this gift in the first place, so I'd suggest starting out
with little, fun things to get the ball of belief rolling. Also, remember we can't co-create *for* others - only for ourselves. And (I
have too many 'ands' in here. I can see my old english teacher's expression, lol!). And don't forget the time lag. When we
co-create something, it has to be created. So it wont always come instantly. And, when you co-create, try not to be too specific -
meaning don't state *how* it will come about. O.K., that's all I can think of at this time. Hope it helps.

L&L ~Brenda