Posted by Lee Carroll on September 03, 1998 at 19:22:12:

I fly on lots of airplanes all over the world. I can place myself, with some difficulty, in the final moments of those who were just
lost on SwissAir flight 111. I think of the fear and panic, then of the awful final moments. Then I think of the families and I
weep. I didn’t sleep much last night.

Lightworkers are all humanitarians. I know this since it was channeled by Kryon many times. It is one of the attributes that we
get with increased awareness - that of increased sensitivity to the plight of those around us. With increased awareness,
however, also comes a wise overview... which I call the balanced duality.

“Kryon,” I say, “How can I balance my sadness for these dear humans with my metaphysical knowledge of ‘no accidents’ and
‘appropriateness in all things’ ? This is when I get the “love wash” and the kind and loving words of Spirit flood into my heart.

Kryon says “It is proper to mourn these in your own way. You would not be Human if you did not. There will never be any
exactly like these again, since they are unique. But they also have the other attributes that you “know” about: They each are
eternal. They each had choice at the cellular level to be exactly where they were... and most important, they each were
FAMILY (spiritual family). That means that each one was aware of the GIFT that was about to be given for the rest of the

Kryon has spoken many times of exactly these situations and the “gift.” Now I begin to understand in my limited human wisdom
what this could mean. Each of the precious lives on that flight... even the infants... will have a tremendous impact on lives around
them - an impact that might never have happened unless they had gone ahead with their potential passing in this fashion.
Hundreds of people will be affected in the next hours... all with a lifelong brand of the energy of this moment.

Some will be literally sent to their knees in grief... a situation which, according to Spirit, will posture a time where great spiritual
intent can be ask for and granted. Some will use this time as a springboard to change their lives forever in a positive way... with
new wisdom and enlightenment as to the way things work. They will actively seek answers as to how such a thing could be...
and find them. The will be stronger for it, and will begin to understand the GIFT.

Some will be angry at God... and will curse Spirit for allowing such a thing to happen. They will shout their obvious question to
the heavens: “Why??” and sequester themselves in their anger and grief. They will trot it out each year at this date and “feel” it
all over again, forever trapped in their box of fear... never willing to see what the family did FOR them.

Meanwhile, Kryon says: “Celebrate the Gift!” I say to him, “Kryon, not now... not now. It’s too soon.” Even so, He continues
to say this: “It is this loving appropriate gift of these precious spiritual family members that is going to change the vibratory levels
of a thousand people! Those in their situation knew it, and their contribution to the planet’s future is awesome from this
occurrence. CELEBRATE THE GIFT from these family members! They are still here. They are watching. They absolutely
know what is happening!”

If I hadn’t counselled with the relatives of “accident” victims, and followed their progress, I would seriously doubt that anyone
could ever celebrate in such a circumstance. But I know better, since I have seen the truth in what Spirit asks us to do.
“Celebrate the lives... mourn the losses... expect great change in those around them... and then understand all the LOVE that
went into this.”

“Blessed are those Angels who disguise themselves as Humans and come to the planet to give gifts of their lives so that other
Earthly entities everywhere may have the catalyst of discovery.”

There simply is no greater GIFT.
My heart is in my throat, but my spirit remembers that they are indeed eternal, and they ALL are MY FAMILY.




: Dear Lee/Kryon/Family,

Tonight, I think I will look into the heavens when it becomes dark, gaze at the stars and in private open my GIFT from my
family members who went before me and take the time to Honor them as they need to be. I hope I can use my GIFT that they
gave me as well as Lee seems to be trying to. I am Honored to be remined of my GIFT this night from you Lee, Thank you and
may you find Peace in this!

With Love and Honor,

Cindy Jo


Dearest Lee

Now I realize why you have been on my mind for the last day or so. In your grief and sadness, you automatically reached out
for the family support. I know that there were several times in the past 24 hrs that I reached out with energy to someone in
need, but did not make the connection.

Thank you for your reminder of the gift of this seeming tragedy. The hardest part for me is not the loss of the lives of the people
on the plane, but for the family and friends left behind. For them, my heart breaks. I send to them all of the love and peace of
the Universe that I can round up.



Dearest Lee,

Thank you so much for posting such a wonderful,heartfelt message on the board!
This morning while I was posting a response to a request for love and healing to be sent to those involved with this flight ,I
received words from Spirit regarding the gift that is in this event for ALL of us. That this blessed gift is hidden in the light for us
to find. I did not understand the message at the time. I only knew that I needed to relay it to those who would see it on the
board. Now I understand... and through tears and heart felt grief I will look for the gift these precious ones have left for me and
for ALL.

Thank you Lee and Kryon for your gifts to all of us. We love you!

In Light and Love and Healing,



{{{{{{{ Lee }}}}}}}},

Your message meant a great deal to me. I have been hearing and seeing news reports about this all day, and every time I get a
lump in my throat and my eyes well up with tears. But then something way deep inside says, "This is okay." And I didn't
understand *why* or *how* it could be.

Your words opened my eyes. Now I get it.

Thank you.
Love and hugs,


Dearly Loved Lee Carroll*
The Gift* yes, indeed!

this prearranged *Gift*......

The Survivors of 111 must be very Special, to have
taken on such an Awesome 'undertaking'
They are asked to transmute the 'energy of grief'
and loss, to one of an Energy of 'Life knows-no-end'......
(I agree, Lee) It will be A Gift!

This switch in 'Consciousness' is their work...
(and they were Honored to come to Earth and do it,
they volunteered)
They will show how with Love* there is no separation
(from their departed ones)

these survivors will transform their grief into
Joy.........on an Energy level......

Their example of 'handling loss' will be the prototype
for future leaving and dying (on a Energy level)
(they will provide the New Energy for this senario.)

Anyway that is my feeling.....
And I Extend this Omnipresent Comfort and Love
to All Involved......
Thanks Lee and Kryon, over and over again, thanks
for your Awesome Work and Love*



Thank you so very much - this was ever so comforting in that it helped
reconcile my earthly feelings of grief with other feelings of understanding
and wondering why I would be sad!

I have forwarded this to others and they, too, have been grateful.

I send my request that the families and friends will come to understand
The Gift and find great comfort.



Good evening,

I read the text and I wish that all that is for LOVE.
I know that I'm lucky to be here every day.
I say thank you everyday for the life I have even if sometime it's difficult.

Love for everyone



What words can I possibly add to such divine, inspired, loving words in such a tragic time? Love is behind ALL!! I trust in the
love I feel in my heart. It was their choice, for which I am grateful. So much much pain..many will be thinking of
them in this time. The images that go through my mind of the final few minutes are truly chilling, but the LOVE that is behind it all
is truly a cause to rejoice. Thank you all!!

Much LOVE,



Dear Lee,

You just put my feelings into words.... And within the sadness of the moment I am filled with the Joy of Spirit and of the Gift.

Thank you.




Dear Lee:

Thank you.

Part of my spirit work is with the sick and dieing.
Transistion Time. Sometimes it is a child that is moving on. I see the family during the event and then visit several weeks later. It
is wonderful to see the love Spirit provides and the balance of continual contact from the other side. The contract/plan is in the
hands of a very loving God. I know that all is happening for the overall good. I have had to learn to be patient with God.

Thank you, I've always wanted to prech to the Choir.

Do you still have that little alien I gave you in Claire's car up in Sudbury? It will keep you safe.

See you in Detroit

Much Love.



Dear Lee and Kryon,
Thank you for your words. They spoke the words that my heart knows. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To all the Dear Ones on SwissAir 111: thank you for completing your contract with such Love.

To all the families and friends of passengers on Flight 111: much love to you, and may you find comfort. The Creator is holding
you in His hands, and Spirit is surrounding you with Love. Please know that we feel your pain and loss as though it were our
own. We grieve with you. May you find the Gift that these Dear Ones left for you.

In Love,
Turtle Running


Dear Lee,

When I first heard of the plane accident, my next thought was “Lee”. I didn’t know why at that time, your name would be so
strong, but now I know. Deep inside I knew there would be a new understanding from this tragedy. Thank you for expressing it
and sharing with us.

Jan L


I was listenting to a Kryon tape while driving to visit my newest Grandchild whose sister died of SIDS two years ago and was
reminded of the gift she gave to her parents in helping them with their Karma. I know now of the great gift she gave us all and
will welcome the day when we meet again. Thank you Kryon for your love YOU are greatly Loved.



Dear Lee and Kryon,

Thank you so much for those beautiful words.

Love and Light to Everyone.



Hi Lee,

I understand why some people feel the anger in their hearts. That is where my heart is at present.




Dear Lee,

Thank you very much to have take the time to write and
share with us your feelings, here,on the Family message board !

Now, I understand better the meaning of "gift" when
someone we love goes away (dies).

We will meet in Montreal next may 1999 ;-))

Love and blessings to you Lee and Jan



Dear Lee and Family, Thank you for talking about what has been on my mind since I heard the news. We are all learning from
this and I can see it has brought us close together. I know the collective thoughts sent to passengers and family members,
everyone affected, is helping greatly. -Pam


I needed to hear those words, thank you. I feel the loss and the pain from the death of all those people, but the infants have
wretched my heart. I have already looked at my life and re-adjusted my thinking. I appreciate my children more and my life in
general. It does unite us all if only briefly and that is a gift. Thank you for your words and lesson. In Love, Mary


Dear Lee & Kryon,

Thank You, for your post! It is just recently that I have started reading your work. I have spent most of my life looking for
answers to neverending questions.

For us in human form the understanding of death,or passing on [as like to say it] seem to be the hardest to "feel" even though on
one level we "know", the emotional level wants to deny this knowlege and we feel pain. When we "should" celebrate and give
thanks to what we have received from those whom have passed on and how they have added to our lives.

I know that what you have said about the family and friendsl, during their time of grief, will sreach for the answers, to be one of
the best oppertunities for humans to grow spirtually. ( As I have done this). Another time seems to be when experiencing health
challanges. (as I am doing now)

Let us all pray that the "survivers" may find their way, as approperate to their lesson plan!

Please forgive my miss-spelling (s) !

Thank you again Lee for accepting your role in this work with Kryon! :)

Thank you Kryon for Loving us so! :)

With Love and Appreciation,


Lee,many thanks in many ways for many things. I was one of many flying that day. In fact, our flight was delayed for technical
reasons and we had to change planes. I truly appreciate The Gift that day. I'm sure anyone with family flying that day and
arriving safely is grateful. I hope all who griped about delays and inconveniences are grateful. I just wish that all who suffered
losses that day can feel the Love everyone offers here. This Gift is perplexing and wonderous in its Divinity and Creation of



last year, through the lens of kryon's message, i was able to see and feel Princess Diana's awesome gift to the planet. this year
we are blessed with gifts from an entire plane load of angels. kryon is not kidding when he says that the other side looks like
nothing we can imagine and that we are loved beyond measure.
thank you,lee, for keeping us grounded in the cosmos.



Thank you for caring and giving so much to so many. I was just introduced to Kryon 2 weeks ago by a friend. The timing was
perfect, of course. A friend of mine had a son on flight 111. The words of Kryon have resonated with my soul, and have helped
me in respecting humanity on a greater level than I deemed possible. I am not especially good with words, so it is helpful to
know that I can sit in love and shine my light and know it will make a difference to all of those friends and family members of
those on flight 111. Again thank-you Lee and Kryon